Vegan Top Tips

Just a few things I’d recommend from one vegan beginner to another!


Before going vegan I’d absolutely recommend clearing out your cupboards of all those dairy filled goods and stocking up with some vegan friendly foods. There’s nothing worse than coming in from a long, arduous day and having those forbidden foods teasing you. In my first week I made sure I had a good stash of some sweet treats too.

In my first shop Preparing for veganism I bought loads of peppers, rice, red onions, mushrooms and sweet chilli sauce (the most important ingredient in my cooking!) chocolate soya milk and loads of fruit. For a bit of inspiration for how to cook with them, click here.


Something I wish I had done, that fortunately my housemate was clever enough to do. When inspiration is lacking, having a book to turn to is a life saver.


There are so many natural foods where you can find the essential vitamins you need, but I still think taking a multivitamin doesn’t go amiss! Changing diets so drastically can take its toll on your body, so cut it some slack and give it a bit of a hand. (watch out for what goes in the vitamins though! Here’s a great site full of vegan-friendly vitamins.)


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