Lunchtime Woes at Work

What has been a huge struggle and one which I don’t really see letting up, is getting lunch whilst at work. Mainly, it’s down to me wanting to just be able to grab a panini and go. I don’t like eating into my lunch hour having to make up my own sandwich or panini because everything is lathered in mayonnaise. Working in a bakery is not vegan friendly in the slightest!

However, when I do get the time I make up a new favourite; roasted vegetables, humus and sweet chilli sauce toasted sandwich or baguette. Yum.

(Here’s a link to a recipe on how to cook roasted vegetables)

 So as much as I have enjoyed spending more time preparing my food, it can become tiresome. I’m not the only one who is becoming a little tired with waiting for food…below is a photo of my housemate cooking tofu. Can you spot the tofu?


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