The Veggie Weeks

After interviewing the lovely Coral (who has been a vegan for the past few months after being a hardcore vegetarian) and taking into consideration I was going from Asda-meat buying carnivore to must-read-back-of-every-packet vegan I decided I should ease into it. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s far easier to cut one product from your diet and gradually cut out the rest than to cut them all out. I think if I’d gone straight into veganism I wouldn’t have lasted long.

(Click on the picture for info on how to become a vegetarian and it’s benefits.)

Going vegetarian was easier than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised that a meal could still be a filling and tasty meal without having meat in it. This could be seen as completely ignorant, but I honestly had never really considered having a meal without meat before. It always felt like the main ingredient. However, one item I did depend on through these weeks was cheese. That’s going to change very soon…

I should add that Lynda McCartney is a life-saver. Check out her site here or find her food in the frozen section of Co Op!

(I’d recommend these…)


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